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Judge Says Jonathan Majors’ Jury Selection Was Delayed Because of “Highly Unusual” Case


The judge in New York City who is in charge of Jonathan Majors’ assault and harassment hearing has already said that the case is “highly unusual” and has delayed the jury selection by one day.

Judge Michael J. Gaffey told the court on Wednesday that they would meet at 10 a.m. Thursday to sit down and talk with 40 possible panellists. His team called for the arrest of the actor’s accuser, Grace Jabbari, and he talked about the events of that call.

“Can we all agree that this whole situation is very strange?” the judge asked the audience, which included The Messenger.

There are poor people who are accused of crimes who come through this jail every day. “Three months later, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an impoverished person ask for the arrest of a complainant, and then three months later, the complainant was arrested,” Gaffey said, referring to Jabbari’s arrest in October.

While at the domestic violence trial, Jonathan Majors carries a Bible and holds Meagan Good’s hand.

Majors was arrested on March 25 and is now facing charges of assault, attempted assault, harassment, and aggravated harassment after an alleged fight with a 30-year-old woman that sent her to the hospital with minor injuries. Through his lawyer, the Creed III actor has strongly rejected the claims.

Majors’ team asked prosecutors to look into claims of assault against the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Jabbari. On Oct. 25, she willingly went to the 10th precinct of the New York Police Department and was charged with third-degree domestic assault and criminal mischief. The Messenger was the first to report that Jabbari had been arrested.

Later, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office told The Messenger that Jabbari would not be charged because the charges against her did not have “prosecutorial merit.” From what the D.A.’s office said, the case against Jabbari is now over.

As Majors left court Wednesday afternoon, he was seen locking hands with his girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, and holding a cup.’

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