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Louisiana Valedictorian Cur’Dericka Rice Accepted Into 13 Colleges, Awarded Nearly $1 Million in Scholarships


Having been accepted into thirteen different institutions and having received approximately one million dollars in scholarships, Cur’Dericka Rice, who graduated as the valedictorian from Richwood High School in Louisiana, has accomplished a phenomenal amount of achievements.

Rice’s scholastic excellence has earned substantial acclaim, as evidenced by the fact that he graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and an exceptional ACT score of 33.

The unwavering support that Rice had from both her professors and her parents is credited with her accomplishments.

In the upcoming academic year, Rice will be enrolling in Louisiana Tech University with the intention of pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. Her passion to making a good change in the world is shown in the fact that her long-term goal is to reduce the negative effects of emissions from pollution.

Rice is an inspiration to others, encouraging them to persevere in the pursuit of their goals, regardless of the difficulties they may encounter along the way.

In the process of getting ready to embark on her journey through college, Rice is excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead and to continue her journey of academic and personal development.

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