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Mark Levin ‘democratic Party is the New Confederacy’ Following Trump’s Ny Conviction ‘this Needs to Be Fought!


Mark Levin, a commentator on Fox News, asserted that the conviction of Donald Trump in a courtroom in New York is evidence that the Democratic Party is effectively “the new Confederacy.”

Levin has backed Trump throughout the legal trial and indictments that have been brought against the former president. He has also stated that the Department of Justice, which is currently administered by President Joe Biden, is targeting political opponents. Trump was found guilty in New York earlier this week of falsifying business records to make a hush money payment. The conviction was handed out earlier this week.

In the course of an episode of Life, Liberty, and Levin that aired on Sunday evening, the conservative firebrand joined the chorus of Trump supporters in requesting that the Supreme Court intervene and consider the case.

Around the time that his monologue was coming to a close, Levin asserted that the Democrats are an “autocratic party.” He went on to say that the conviction of Trump was an attempt to “reverse the Constitution, due process, and equal protection.”

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