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Missouri and Florida Hospitals Sentenced Two People for Healthcare Fraud!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeIn a significant crackdown on healthcare fraud, two Miami residents, Jorge Perez, 63, and Ricardo Perez, 60, have been sentenced following their involvement in a complex multi-state insurance fraud scheme. This month, the Department of Justice confirmed that the duo utilized rural hospitals to submit false claims for urine drug testing, which were neither reimbursable nor medically necessary.

Jorge Perez received a sentence of eight years and four months, while Ricardo Perez faced six years and three months in federal prison. Convicted on charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud, along with five counts of health care fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, their operation was exposed in June 2022.

The scheme strategically targeted financially distressed rural hospitals, including Putnam County Hospital in Unionville and two Florida-based hospitals. The Perez duo, described as owners and managers of these hospitals and a billing company, manipulated the system to exploit higher reimbursement rates for rural hospitals compared to out-of-network laboratories.

The fraud involved submitting claims that misrepresented the location of lab testing, making it appear as if the hospitals conducted these tests. However, in reality, the testing was often outsourced.

Missouri and Florida Hospitals Sentenced Two People for Healthcare Fraud!

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Additionally, the frequency and medical necessity of these tests were called into question, pointing to a blatant disregard for patient care in pursuit of illicit profits. This case underscores the ongoing battle against healthcare fraud in the United States, highlighting the need for vigilance and stringent oversight in the industry.

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