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Mosquitoes Cover a Town in Texas; Officials Say It’s Because of Climate Change


As another spring comes and goes in a Texas town, officials blame climate change for the huge number of mosquitoes that are there.

A person from the Houston neighborhood of Conroe, Texas, named Mith Varley talked about the problem. “If you open the car door to go somewhere, you’ve got 10 mosquitoes inside,” he said.

He has lived in Montgomery County for almost 10 years and told the Washington Post that he has never seen anything worse. Texas has always been known as a great place for mosquitoes to live, but the heavy rains of the last few weeks have made it even better for them to breed and spread.

“They are interested in me. A neighborhood woman named Linda Adams told the Washington Post, “No one else gets mosquitoes like I do.” “As a child, I was also red-haired. That may have something to do with it.

Adams said she always sprays herself with bug spray before leaving the house because it’s “the only way I can get through the day.”

Adams said, “It has to be at least 40% DEET.”

A tennis teacher in the area named Josue Medina agreed, telling the Washington Post that this year’s swarm has not only more mosquitoes but also bigger ones.

“The mosquito season is always bad, but right now it’s worse,” he noted.

Max Vigilant, who is in charge of stopping mosquitoes and other vectors in nearby Harris County, told the Washington Post that mosquito numbers have been about the same so far as they were in 2022 and 2023, but it is hard to get an accurate count of the whole population.

Vigilant said that people who see that the problem is getting worse can blame climate change because “hotter temperatures” are coming to the area earlier in the year, which makes it more likely to see a lot of mosquitoes.

“This is what climate change has done to Harris Country,” Vigilant told the news source.

The study says that Harris County is home to more than 50 species of mosquitoes. The public health department of the county, where Vigilant works, uses pesticides to kill mosquitoes that can spread diseases like West Nile Virus.

Fox News Digital asked the Harris County Public Health Department for a response, but they didn’t answer right away.

In the meantime, people in the area are still dealing with the problem while trying to go about their daily lives.

“This right here,” Medina told the Washington Post, referring to a big red spot on his knee. “This one got me yesterday.”

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