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Near the Florida Coast, Two More Great White Sharks Found!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeFlorida’s allure extends beyond humans, as recent OCEARCH reports indicate an increasing presence of great white sharks along its coastlines. In a striking revelation, two more of these majestic creatures were sighted, adding to the state’s rich marine tapestry.

The first of these sharks, a 10-foot, 460-pound great white, was detected near Daytona Beach in early November. Following this, a larger 13-foot, 1,400-pound shark was located north of Jacksonville Beach. Adding to the intrigue, another shark appeared off the coast of Biscayne Bay shortly after.

Dr. Bob Hueter of OCEARCH sheds light on this phenomenon, likening the sharks’ movement to ‘winter snowbirds’. As temperatures drop in the north during fall, these sharks begin their southward journey, a migration that peaks around early December.

Near the Florida Coast, Two More Great White Sharks Found!

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They typically travel within 100 miles offshore, encompassing the southeast coast and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. These sightings are not just exciting news for marine enthusiasts but also carry significant implications for our understanding of shark behavior and marine ecology. The presence of great white sharks, a key species in the oceanic ecosystem, highlights the health and vibrancy of Florida’s marine habitats.

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