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New Jersey Advocates Criticize Governor Murphy’s Stance on NYC Toll Plan!


In a significant development in the ongoing debate over New York City’s congestion pricing plan, a coalition of thirty-four New Jersey advocacy organizations has stepped into the legal fray, challenging Governor Phil Murphy’s staunch opposition to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) proposal.

This marks a pivotal moment in the regional discussion on transportation and environmental policy. Governor Murphy, who has filed a lawsuit to block the congestion pricing plan, argues that his actions aim to protect New Jersey drivers from the increased tolls and the potential for higher truck traffic seeking to avoid these tolls.

“At its heart, it’s a matter of New Jersey being treated fairly, and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure that is the case,” Murphy stated in July when launching the lawsuit. Echoing this sentiment, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-9th) commented, “We are not the MTA’s ATM. And if they don’t know that by now, they’re going to learn it.”

However, the advocacy groups, led by figures such as John Reichman of Empower NJ, a clean-energy advocacy group, and David Pringle of Clean Water Action, argue that the benefits of the congestion pricing plan far outweigh the potential downsides.

New Jersey Advocates Criticize Governor Murphy's Stance on NYC Toll Plan!

In an amicus brief filed by Reichman, the groups outline the various advantages New Jerseyans could reap from the initiative, including “breathing cleaner air, better and faster commutes, faster travel and easier parking,” all of which could mitigate the impact of paying a toll.

Reichman also points out a potential inconsistency in Governor Murphy’s stance, contrasting it with the $10.7 billion New Jersey Turnpike extension plan near the Holland Tunnel, which, according to him, did not undergo the same rigorous environmental review as the congestion pricing plan.

He argues that the turnpike extension would lead to increased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, adversely affecting overburdened communities. The MTA’s congestion pricing plan, which has been almost unanimously approved, aims to alleviate traffic congestion in NYC’s Central Business District and improve air quality.

As part of the plan, a $5 discount for passenger vehicles entering through the Lincoln and Holland tunnels (but not the George Washington Bridge) has been proposed. The plan is expected to be implemented in late spring. The controversy highlights the complexities of regional transportation policies and their environmental impacts.

New Jersey Advocates Criticize Governor Murphy's Stance on NYC Toll Plan!

While Governor Murphy’s lawsuit insists on a more thorough environmental impact statement from the Federal Highway Administration and Department of Transportation, the advocacy groups emphasize the broader environmental and commuting benefits of the congestion pricing.

This unfolding debate underscores the need for a balanced approach that considers the economic, environmental, and social implications of transportation policies in densely populated urban areas. The outcome of this legal battle could set a precedent for how cities across the United States and beyond address the challenges of urban congestion, air quality, and equitable transportation.

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