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New Jersey Multi-State Armed Robbery Leads to A Man 407-Month Prison Sentence!


In a significant legal development, Vincent Chan-Guillen, a 33-year-old resident of Union County, New Jersey, has been sentenced to a substantial prison term exceeding 33 years (407 months) following his involvement in a series of armed robberies across New York and New Jersey.

This ruling, issued by the U.S. District Court in Newark, marks the culmination of an extensive investigation led by various law enforcement agencies. U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger announced the sentence, emphasizing the gravity of Chan-Guillen’s crimes and the concerted effort of law enforcement to bring him to justice.

Background of the Case

Chan-Guillen, with a prior record as a convicted felon, faced a week-long trial that concluded on March 8, 2023. Presided over by U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler, the trial resulted in Chan-Guillen’s conviction on several charges, including conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act robbery, the use and carrying of a firearm during a robbery, multiple counts of Hobbs Act robbery, and illegal possession of a firearm.

Details of the Robbery Spree

New Jersey Multi-State Armed Robbery Leads to A Man 407-Month Prison Sentence!

The court proceedings shed light on Chan-Guillen’s involvement in a string of armed robberies that occurred between August and November 2018. Targeting nine establishments across two states, with five in New York and four in New Jersey, his crime spree focused on various businesses, including several liquor stores in Elizabeth, Woodbridge Township, Bloomfield, and Linden. Chan-Guillen’s method of operation typically involved instilling fear in-store employees and customers by brandishing a firearm.

Post-Sentencing Measures

Upon completing his prison term, Chan-Guillen is slated for five years of supervised release as ordered by Judge Chesler. This phase is crucial in ensuring that he reintegrates into society while remaining under observation to prevent recidivism.

The Investigative Effort

The FBI, led by Special Agent in Charge James E. Dennehy in Newark, played a pivotal role in Chan-Guillen’s conviction. The success of this case is attributed to the collaborative efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies, including local police departments from Elizabeth, Rahway, Woodbridge, Bloomfield, Linden, Kenilworth, Union, and Lyndhurst. Additionally, the New Jersey State Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (New York Division), and the New York Police Department were instrumental in the investigation.

New Jersey Multi-State Armed Robbery Leads to A Man 407-Month Prison Sentence!

Legal Representation and Prosecution

The government’s case against Chan-Guillen was adeptly handled by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Desiree Grace, Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division, and John F. Mezzanotte of the Organized Crime/Gangs Unit in Newark. Their prosecution strategy effectively highlighted the severity of the crimes and Chan-Guillen’s role in them.


This case stands as a testament to the effectiveness of inter-agency collaboration in tackling cross-state criminal activities. The significant prison sentence handed to Chan-Guillen not only serves as a deterrent to similar crimes but also underscores the commitment of the U.S. justice system to uphold law and order. The meticulous investigation and prosecution efforts demonstrate the system’s capability to deal with complex and multi-faceted criminal cases effectively.

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