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New Jersey’s Largest Medical Center Ends Four-Month Nursing Strike!


In a significant development, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) in New Jersey and United Steelworkers Local 4-200, representing around 1,700 nurses, have reached a tentative agreement to conclude a prolonged four-month strike.

While the specifics of the agreement remain undisclosed, it marks a pivotal moment in addressing the nurses’ demands for improved wages, benefits, and nurse-to-patient ratios, which they had previously criticized as unsafe. The strike, which garnered national attention, notably featured in a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing led by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The impact of the strike was profound, with nurses persisting in their demonstration without pay or benefits since September. The financial backdrop of this dispute is notable. RWJUH’s parent organization, RWJBarnabus Health, reported significant operating losses of $57.6 million and a 10.7% increase in salary and wage expenses in the first nine months of 2023.

New Jersey's Largest Medical Center Ends Four-Month Nursing Strike!

However, the organization also experienced a substantial excess of revenue amounting to $178.7 million during the same period, primarily due to robust net investment income. The strike’s intensity was evident in various instances, including the hospital’s legal action against the picketers for disruptive activities and the nurses’ demonstrations outside hospital executives’ homes.

The tentative resolution of this strike has been met with positive responses from state lawmakers and government officials, signaling a hopeful turn towards improved conditions for healthcare professionals and patient care standards​.

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