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New State Flag and Seal Near Decision by Minnesota Emblems Commission!


In the wake of extensive deliberations and community input, the State Emblem Redesign Commission in Minnesota is on the cusp of finalizing new designs for the state’s flag and seal. With a decision expected as early as Wednesday night, the commission has been meticulously considering various elements to ensure the new symbols reflect Minnesota’s diverse heritage and future aspirations.

One of the significant decisions made by the commission is to omit the state motto from the new seal. In its place, the Dakota phrase “Mni Sota Makoce,” which translates to “Land Where the Waters Reflect the Clouds,” will be featured.

This change marks a profound shift towards acknowledging and respecting the indigenous languages and cultures that have long been integral to Minnesota’s identity. The commission’s journey to this decision point has not been without its challenges. A particularly contentious debate revolved around whether to include the date of Minnesota’s admission to the union.

New State Flag and Seal Near Decision by Minnesota Emblems Commission!

Opponents argued that this year holds painful memories for Native peoples, marking a period of intense strife and displacement. In light of this, the commission decided against including the date, opting for a representation that is more inclusive of all Minnesotans’ experiences.

Dr. Kate Beane, a member of the commission, has been a vocal advocate for honoring the first language of the land and acknowledging the ongoing efforts of indigenous communities to preserve their language and culture. Her contributions underscore the commission’s commitment to a design that respects the state’s complex and multifaceted history.

The commission’s work is not just symbolic but carries significant implications for how Minnesota presents itself to the world and educates its residents about their shared history. The designs, aimed at being both inclusive and representative, have been developed through a process that balances historical awareness with contemporary relevance.

New State Flag and Seal Near Decision by Minnesota Emblems Commission!

As the commission’s January 1 deadline looms, the anticipation grows for the unveiling of the new state symbols. If the designs pass without legislative challenges, the new flag will be raised on May 11, a date significant as the day Minnesota joined the union. This act will not just be a change of symbols but a powerful statement of redefinition and renewal for the state.

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