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New York Ranks #??? For States in 2023 Most Affected by Gun Violence!


In a recent survey conducted by Counseling Psychology across all 50 states, it was revealed that many Americans, whether directly impacted or not, experience significant stress and anxiety when it comes to the issue of gun violence.

The findings highlight the pervasive nature of this concern, with 1 in 5 Americans reporting that they know a victim of gun violence, and nearly 1 in 4 parents indicating that they think about their child’s safety in the context of gun violence daily. For parents, the fear of gun violence is particularly harrowing, as they grapple with the reality that their children are exposed to numerous dangers throughout their lives.

Unfortunately, school shootings have become an all-too-real fear for many parents across the country, further intensifying their anxiety. The survey underscores the urgent need for more qualified school counselors to address these concerns and provide support to students and parents alike.

New Yorkers Are Highly Concerned About Gun Violence

Notably, the survey found that New Yorkers are among the most concerned about gun violence in the nation. Participants were asked to rate their level of concern on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 representing the highest level of concern. New York State received a Level of Concern rating of 7.19, ranking it as the fifth-highest state in terms of citizens’ anxiety about gun violence.

New York Ranks #??? For States in 2023 Most Affected by Gun Violence!

The states ranking higher were Louisiana at #1 (7.72), Texas (7.46), Alabama (7.44), and New Mexico (7.31), respectively. When focusing on cities, New York City stood out as the third-most concerned city in the United States, with a Level of Concern rating of 7.67.

It was only surpassed by New Orleans, LA (8.06), and Albuquerque, NM (8.00). In New York, NY, one in six residents reported experiencing stress or anxiety due to gun violence. The high levels of concern in New York State are not unwarranted.

According to statistics, New York has experienced 69 shootings per 100,000 residents from 2014 to 2022, underscoring the seriousness of the issue. Furthermore, a staggering 88% of New York respondents surveyed believe that the government is not doing enough to prevent gun violence and mass shootings.

Governor Hochul Talks Supervision Against Violent Engagement Program

New York Ranks #??? For States in 2023 Most Affected by Gun Violence!

In response to this growing concern, Governor Hochul has taken steps to address the issue of gun violence. In the 57 counties outside of New York City, violent crimes involving firearms have significantly decreased in the first half of the year, with 397 fewer victims (2,046 vs. 2,443, representing a -16% reduction) compared to the same period in 2022.

The State Division of Criminal Justice Services tracks gun violence-specific metrics for police departments that receive funding, training, and technical support through the state’s Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) initiative.

As part of the FY 2024 New York State Budget, Governor Hochul has allocated $36.4 million for the GIVE initiative, with an additional $7.4 million in funding designated for the establishment of a Supervision Against Violent Engagement (SAVE) program. This expansion of resources aims to enhance the state’s response to gun violence, particularly among the parolee population in GIVE jurisdictions.

New York Ranks #??? For States in 2023 Most Affected by Gun Violence!

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