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NJ High School Lobster Prank Turns into a Lesson on Respect for Life!


In an event that sparked a mix of reactions at Columbia High School, a prank involving a lobster has evolved into an educational opportunity, thanks to the quick thinking of Amy Biasucci, an environmental science and AP biology teacher.

The incident, initially seen as a mere joke by students, has brought forth an important discussion about respect for living beings and the delicate balance necessary for their survival. The lobster, discovered in a school toilet, became the center of attention when Biasucci and the school’s custodians attempted to save its life.

Despite their efforts, including Biasucci salting a tank of water to create a more suitable environment for the crustacean, the lobster did not survive. The scene was a somber one, witnessed by custodians and students alike, highlighting the serious implications of what was intended as a prank.

Biasucci, with her dedication to education and respect for life, chose not to discard the lobster but instead to freeze it for future use in her class. In January, she plans to conduct a dissection with the lobster to teach her students about the physiological needs of certain organisms, particularly the critical balance of water and salt in their bodies.

This approach not only salvages a grim situation but also imparts a valuable lesson on the consequences of thoughtless actions and the importance of empathy towards all living beings. The response from the school’s administration has been supportive, with both the principal, Frank Sanchez, and the acting superintendent commending Biasucci for turning the prank into a teachable moment.

NJ High School Lobster Prank Turns into a Lesson on Respect for Life!

The incident underscores the crucial role educators play in shaping young minds, not just academically but also in their understanding and respect for life. Biasucci’s sentiment, “If we have more respect for living beings in general, we might actually save ourselves,” resonates deeply in today’s world.

This incident at Columbia High School serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of our actions on other living creatures and the environment. Through this unfortunate event, students are learning a much-needed lesson in responsibility, respect, and the interconnectedness of all life.

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