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Officials Share Pictures of the Man Who Stole a $1,500 Package From a Porch in Mississippi While Pretending to Be an Amazon Delivery Driver


Police in Mississippi have shared video images of a man they say stole a $1,500 package from a porch while pretending to be an Amazon delivery driver.

The crime took place in the Chapel Hill neighborhood on May 20, according to the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office.

Reports say the man went up to a house during the day while dressed as a delivery driver and holding an empty box and a cell phone as if he were bringing a package.

The man is said to have traded the empty box for a package that had already been delivered to the house when he got to the door.

The people in charge think the man was following a FedEx truck around the area.

No matter how normal something seems, the sheriff’s office wants everyone in the neighborhood to report it.

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at (601)-794-1005 by anyone who knows anything about this crime.

To keep packages safe and valuables safe, investigators recommend drop boxes, clear directions for where to put packages, and security cameras.

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