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Ohio Democrats Demand DOJ Probe into DeWine Administration’s Alleged Wrongdoings!


CNS NewsOhio Democrats are urging the Department of Justice (DOJ) to launch an investigation into the administration of Governor Mike DeWine. This call to action follows recent indictments in what has been described as the largest bribery scandal in Ohio’s history.

The scandal revolves around allegations of First Energy, a major utility company, providing bribes to state officials to secure assistance for failing nuclear power plants, including Davis Besse. Last week, the state indicted Sam Randazzo, the former head of the agency responsible for regulating utilities, alongside two former First Energy executives.

Prosecutors allege that First Energy utilized Randazzo as a conduit to infiltrate state government and influence decisions from within. Governor DeWine appointed Randazzo, though he maintains he was unaware of any alleged bribery involving First Energy.

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Ohio Democrats are pressing the U.S. Attorney’s Office to probe the veracity of DeWine’s claims of ignorance. Additionally, they are urging Republicans to join forces in repealing the remaining provisions of the bailout bill implicated in the scandal, which includes subsidies for struggling coal plants in Ohio and Indiana.

State Representative Allison Russo emphasized the financial burden placed on taxpayers, ratepayers, and families due to potentially corrupt practices, dubbing it a “corruption tax.” While some Republicans have shown support for legislative measures aimed at preventing future corruption scandals, party leaders have yet to endorse any specific actions.

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