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Ohio Woman Brittany Watts, Charged with Crime After Home Miscarriage, Reveals Shock of Arrest!


CNS NewsIn a distressing incident that brings to the fore the complex interplay between medical ethics and stringent abortion laws, Brittany Watts, a 34-year-old medical receptionist from Warren, Ohio, found herself ensnared in a legal nightmare following a miscarriage at home.

Watts’ case unfolded in a harrowing sequence of events that began with her being declared to have a nonviable pregnancy by her healthcare provider. Despite her pleas for medical intervention, the ethics committee at Mercy Health – St. Joseph Warren Hospital hesitated due to Ohio’s abortion laws, leading to Watts miscarrying alone at home.

The situation took a bewildering turn when, upon seeking post-miscarriage care at Mercy Health, Watts was subjected to a police investigation initiated by the hospital’s risk management team. The Warren City Police Department, acting on the hospital’s call, found the fetus in Watts’ home, leading to her being charged with abuse of a corpse—a felony.

Ohio Woman Brittany Watts, Charged with Crime After Home Miscarriage, Reveals Shock of Arrest!

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This charge, however, was later dismissed by an Ohio grand jury, highlighting the contentious nature of the legal definitions surrounding fetal remains and the treatment of women undergoing miscarriages under Ohio law. Watts’ ordeal underscores a chilling scenario where medical care and legal systems intersect, leading to potential criminalization of pregnancy outcomes.

The case has sparked a broader debate on the need for clearer legal definitions and the ethical obligations of healthcare providers to navigate the murky waters of reproductive rights and patient care in a highly polarized legislative environment.

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