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Ohio’s Legal Battle: Sick Puppies Expose Petland’s Heartbreaking Reality!


CNS NewsOhio has become the center of attention as new lawsuits have been filed against Petland stores, exposing distressing tales of individuals deceived into purchasing sick puppies. One such case involves Rosemarie Haddad, a 70-year-old woman who had recently lost her husband and was coping with health challenges, including pulmonary disease and a broken foot.

In her moment of grief and loneliness, she contacted the Petland store at Carriage Place in Columbus, Ohio, inquiring about a Rottweiler puppy. Despite her physical limitations and financial constraints, a Petland employee allegedly offered to deliver the puppy to her home, assist with the purchase, and arrange financing, even on her limited budget.

Later that day, another Petland employee arrived at Haddad’s home with the puppy. Under what she claims were high-pressure tactics, she signed an agreement committing to pay $7,500 for the puppy plus interest, an agreement she did not fully understand. Sadly, the puppy’s health deteriorated rapidly, with severe diarrhea and defecation issues.

Despite her efforts to return the puppy, Petland staff insisted on a letter from a veterinarian and her physician confirming her inability to care for the pet. Even after providing the required documents, Haddad faced challenges in arranging a refund. Haddad’s story is not unique, as many Petland customers have reported similar high-pressure and misleading sales tactics.

Ohio's Legal Battle: Sick Puppies Expose Petland's Heartbreaking Reality!

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Petland, as the only national pet store chain in the U.S. that still sells puppies, has faced criticism for its practices. These lawsuits shed light on the suffering of the puppies purchased from Petland. For instance, Macey Mullins purchased a Jack Russell terrier from Petland, only to find out later that the dog had severe health issues, including bilateral renal dysplasia, requiring hospitalization and eventually euthanasia.

Chrystal and Robert Rivas also filed a lawsuit against a Petland store in Ohio, as their English bulldog puppy, Louie, suffered from severe underdevelopment issues, hip dysplasia, and seizures. Louie’s sale price was $3,500, with an interest rate of 44.67%, resulting in a total cost of $5,263.56.

The lawsuits against Petland highlight the pain and suffering that puppy mill industry practices cause to dogs and their owners. While seven states and 485 localities have banned the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores, Petland continues to sell puppies from mills, including those with repeated violations of animal welfare laws.

Ohio's Legal Battle: Sick Puppies Expose Petland's Heartbreaking Reality!

Petland has faced calls to end the retail sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits and instead focus on pet-related products and services. The pet industry is lucrative, with people spending billions on pet-related products and services each year in the U.S. Attorneys, including those from the Animal Protection Law department, are working to hold Petland accountable for these alleged fraudulent and misleading sales practices.

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