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Oklahoma Family Accuses ODOC of Withholding Details After Inmate Reveals Loved One Was Stabbed Over 30 Times


Heldenville, Oklahoma – A family in Oklahoma says their loved one was stabbed more than 30 times while serving a five-year sentence for DUI at a medium security jail in Holdenville. They say they haven’t been told anything about it.

They say that the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) has not been open and honest with them. So, they asked KFOR to help them figure things out. The family is afraid of getting hurt again, so they have asked KFOR to keep their names secret.

“The facility did not get in touch with me or any of my family.” After a family member was stabbed in prison, they spoke out against ODOC. “He has an emergency contact, and no one was notified by text, call, email, anything at all,” the family member said.

A family in Oklahoma says that their loved one was moved from one jail to the Allen Gamble Correctional Center just last Thursday.

His family says that another prisoner told them that he had been stabbed several times in the chest the day he was moved into his new home.

“I mean, multiple cuts.” You don’t do that to someone over and over again for no reason, you know? There was a reason. “And he wanted things to end,” the family member said.

The family told KFOR they are angry that they learned about the death from a prisoner instead of a staff member.

They say that after many calls, it wasn’t until late Friday night that someone from the medical staff called to say that they didn’t know the family was trying to get in touch.

I finally got a call from them telling me they didn’t know we were trying to reach them and that they would get back to me as soon as they knew how sick he was and where he was. All they did was say sorry… “They’ve only told us that he’s stable,” the family member said.

Even worse, his family says no one will tell them where he is for safety reasons, and he won’t be able to talk to them either.

A family friend said, “We just want to hear his voice to make sure he’s okay.”

The family only wants what’s best for their loved one.

“Things need to change. This keeps going on and on. There must be a reason for it going on. “They (ODOC) have control of it,” the family member said.

Someone from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections told KFOR, “We have been in contact with his family, who are listed as points of contact with releases of information on file.”

But his family still says they haven’t gotten any medical information other than the fact that someone told them on the phone that he is safe.

For safety reasons, the spokesperson says, “We do not say which hospital an inmate is at.”

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