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Oklahoma Woman Trying to Find the Owner of A Lost Oak Lawn High School Class Ring!


Abby Zander from Tulsa, Oklahoma, discovered a 1968 Oak Lawn High School class ring in a box belonging to her husband’s family. The ring, found in the 1980s after the family moved from Oak Lawn to Arkansas, was overlooked for years.

Zander, motivated by her belief in returning valuable items, is now determined to find the ring’s rightful owner. The ring, potentially made of real gold, is inscribed with the initials “J.W.M.” or “T.W.M.,” but a scratch makes the first initial unclear. Despite her efforts in Oak Lawn Facebook groups and reviewing the 1968 yearbook, the owner remains unidentified.

Although Yet to be successful, showcases her commitment to solving this mystery. Her belief in the ring’s material and sentimental value fuels her determination to ensure it reaches its rightful owner, reflecting a touching story of persistence and community spirit.

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