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On Thursday, Biden and Trump Will Visit the Mexico Border to Compete on Immigration!


CNS NewsOn Thursday, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will battle at the U.S.-Mexico border to exploit the immigration system’s inefficiency. On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that Biden will visit the Rio Grande Valley border center in Brownsville. He’ll discuss bipartisan legislation with border agents.

The president visited the border twice. Last January, he visited El Paso. “He wants to reach Americans,” Jean-Pierre stated. Three anonymous sources informed The Associated Press that Trump will visit Eagle Pass, Texas, 325 miles (520 kilometers) from Brownsville, another state-federal border security flashpoint.

Biden said Monday in New York that he would go to the border on Thursday without knowing “my good friend is going,” too. After Trump’s border visit, the White House announced it. The president did not indicate if he would meet migrants abroad. The excursions emphasize immigration’s importance in the 2024 presidential election for Republicans and Democrats, especially after congressional talks on illegal immigration failed.

Biden slammed Republicans for quitting the bipartisan border pact after Trump rejected asylum restrictions and daily border crossing limits. Trump says immigrants pollute American blood, escalating his anti-immigrant rhetoric. For years, climate change, foreign war, the economy, and migratory cartels have increased illegal immigration to the U.S.

On Thursday, Biden and Trump Will Visit the Mexico Border to Compete on Immigration!

The administration has mixed border crackdowns with sanctioned routes for migrants to fly with sponsors instead of traveling illegally. The US permits refugees to claim asylum regardless of how they arrive. Migrants have overwhelmed a decades-old immigration system by breaching the U.S.-Mexico border. January unlawful crossing arrests dropped 50%, although December hit record highs.

Trump’s team believes Biden’s border visit shows the president is defensive about immigration and hurts his reelection bid. Karoline Leavitt, Trump’s campaign communications secretary, said Biden harassed Trump and caused the “worst immigration crisis in history.” Biden’s team said House Republicans are defensive after Trump lobbied them to defeat the border patrol and Homeland Security bill. NYT reported travel first.

Biden is mulling administrative tactics to slow migrant entry and chastise Republicans over legislative delays. Biden may invoke Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which allows a president to ban “detrimental” immigration. Without legislative changes, the government’s unilateral border-crossing limitations will be challenged in court.

“There is no executive action that would have done what the Senate bipartisan proposal would have done,” Jean-Pierre added. “Politics interfered.” In the January AP-NORC poll, 35% worried about immigration, up from 27% last year. The government should prioritize immigration, say 55% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats in 2024.

On Thursday, Biden and Trump Will Visit the Mexico Border to Compete on Immigration!

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This is up from 45% and 14% in December 2022. Trump again criticizes Biden’s approach with photos of migrants sleeping in police stations and hangars. He crossed borders as president and contender. He visited Laredo, Texas in July 2015 during his 2016 campaign to show media attention and GOP support for his immigration policy.

He’s visited the border twice since leaving office, including to win Greg Abbott’s support. However, Biden only visited the border once and met no migrants. Hiking the border wall and touring CBP facilities. He suggested he’d close asylum if given the chance during border bill negotiations, an unanticipated rightward shift for Democrats who are worried about migrant encampments and want the administration to speed up work authorizations for families.

On Thursday, Biden and Trump Will Visit the Mexico Border to Compete on Immigration!

After the border bill failed this month, the Homeland Security Department reallocated funds to fill gaps. ICE may reduce deportation planes and detention beds to 22,000 from 38,000. New U.S.-released migrants would arrive at the border.

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