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Once in Four Years: Two Infants Born as ‘Leaplings’ on Leap Day 2024!


CNS NewsIn a rare occurrence, two babies, affectionately termed “leaplings,” were born on February 29, commonly known as Leap Day, in Florida. These unique births, coinciding with the quadrennial event of the leap year, serve as a reminder of the peculiarities of our calendar system and the statistical rarity of being born on this particular day.

Leap years, characterized by the addition of an extra day to February every four years, serve to synchronize our calendar with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. The odds of being born on Leap Day, statistically calculated at 1 in 1,461, underscore the exceptional nature of such occurrences.

Baby Eloise, weighing seven pounds and 15 ounces, entered the world at 1:23 p.m. at HCA Florida Capital Hospital in Tallahassee. Meanwhile, Baby Ivy, weighing six pounds and two ounces, was born at 10 a.m. at UCF Lake Nona Hospital. Both babies, despite their unique birthdates, bring joy and excitement to their families.

Once in Four Years: Two Infants Born as 'Leaplings' on Leap Day 2024!

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Parents of Baby Ivy, reflecting on the prospect of their child’s Leap Day birth, expressed intentions to celebrate her birthday on February 28, given the irregularity of February 29. Such sentiments echo the experiences of many leaplings, who often choose to celebrate their birthdays on adjacent calendar dates.

The occurrence of leap-year births adds a touch of novelty to the annual calendar, reminding us of the intricacies of timekeeping and the occasional alignment of celestial phenomena with human experiences. As Baby Eloise and Baby Ivy embark on their journey through life, their Leap Day birthdays serve as a unique marker of their individuality and the remarkable circumstances of their birth.

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