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Online Grocery Milestone: Another Major Retailer Welcomes SNAP Benefits Alongside Walmart, Target, and Costco


SNAP beneficiaries now have the option to buy groceries from the sustainable and health-focused online grocery store Thrive Market.

As per a recent company news release, Thrive Market has become the first online-only retailer to be approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to accept SNAP EBT.

“Thrive Market’s SNAP EBT acceptance is a groundbreaking move in making healthy groceries more accessible and affordable,” mentioned Nick Green, co-founder and CEO of Thrive Market.

“Our approval will revolutionize how Americans can access nutritious choices, regardless of their location, with deliveries straight to their doorstep.”

Thrive Market started accepting SNAP EBT in the contiguous US by the end of February 2024.

New members who are EBT cardholders can receive a complimentary one-year membership (usually $60 per year) via the Thrive Gives program.

As per the company, the platform provides prices that are up to 30% lower than retail.

Thrive Market: Unlock Organic Goodness with SNAP Benefits!

SNAP beneficiaries now have the option to buy groceries from the sustainable and health-focused online grocery store Thrive Market.


If you’re interested in joining a new Thrive Market membership, head over to

Once there, simply input your EBT card number and PIN to unlock over 5,000 top-notch organic and sustainable items.

Make sure to check for the “SNAP eligible product” label before placing items in your cart.

It is necessary to have an alternative payment method for covering delivery charges or buying items that are not SNAP-eligible.

Nevin Cohen from the City University of New York mentioned that the USDA has been investigating the potential benefits of grocery delivery for SNAP users, as reported by Marketplace.

Walmart, Target, and Costco have been offering EBT cardholders the option to buy food both online and in-store for several years now.

Online shopping is crucial for SNAP users facing transportation or mobility challenges, such as seniors, individuals with physical disabilities, or caregivers of young children, Cohen emphasized.

LaMonika Jones, director of the nonprofit DC Hunger Solutions, provided insights to Marketplace regarding the limited grocery options available to residents in impoverished DC neighborhoods.

Another option is to take a 30 or 40-minute trip on public transportation to buy groceries.

Jones mentioned that delivery fees could pose a challenge, but delivery services allow SNAP users to explore more affordable grocery options beyond their local area.

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