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Oregon Ranks Among Leading States in Safeguarding Health Benefits, Unveils Plans for Phased Unwinding of Remaining Renewals


According to the Oregon Health Authority, over 85 percent of the state’s 1.5 million renewals have been completed, with 5 out of 6 Oregonians maintaining their Oregon Health Plan or other Medicaid benefits.

Oregon continues to maintain an 85 percent renewal rate, which is the second highest among all states according to KFF, a nonpartisan health policy organization.

According to KFF analysis, Oregon has saved more people from unnecessary renewal paperwork than any other state through the automated renewal process.

Oregon’s high renewal rates are a result of the state’s proactive measures to ensure people remain covered.

This includes organizing the renewal schedule, extending response timelines, and introducing the OHP Bridge program for adults with higher incomes.

Amid the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the federal government granted states permission to maintain individuals on Medicaid benefits.

This concluded when the pandemic emergency was over, and starting in April 2023, Oregon has been verifying the eligibility of all OHP recipients.

Currently in the process of winding down the PHE, Oregon has already sent out the originally scheduled 10 waves of renewal letters.

Approximately 6 percent of members are still engaging with those initial waves. About 8 percent of the total renewals are scheduled to take place during the summer.

Unlock Financial Support: Enroll Through Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace

According to the Oregon Health Authority, over 85 percent of the state’s 1.5 million renewals have been completed, with 5 out of 6 Oregonians maintaining their Oregon Health Plan or other Medicaid benefits.

Those who have not received a renewal yet should:

  • Make sure to always have their address and contact information current. 
  • Make sure to check their mail or online account for the renewal letter. 
  • Please complete the requested actions promptly.

If you’re worried about missing your letter, make sure to seek assistance with your renewal using one of the methods provided below.

While the majority of individuals are maintaining their coverage, around 200,000 people will experience a loss or reduction in OHP benefits and will need to explore alternative coverage options.

  • Individuals without coverage through an employer or Medicare can potentially enroll through the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace and receive financial assistance. Many individuals who sign up through are eligible for this assistance. 
  • The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace is reaching out to individuals who are no longer eligible for OHP benefits, providing guidance on potential coverage options available through the Marketplace. 
  • Individuals who have lost OHP benefits have the opportunity to enroll at any time until July 31, 2024, or within 60 days of their benefits ending. 
  • For additional details and assistance with enrolling in Marketplace, Medicare, or employer coverage, refer to the section titled “What to do if OHP is ending” below.

Extended unwinding schedule

On February 13, the federal government approved Oregon’s plan for the remaining approximately 107,000 renewals.

Several renewals were impacted due to a federal request for over 30 states to assess automated renewal procedures, including the restoration of certain Oregon Supplemental Income Program Medical (OSIPM) benefits. In May 2024, an update to Oregon’s automated renewal process will allow the state to utilize the new process for all remaining renewals.

Renewal notifications will be distributed to members in four phases from June to September. Members will continue to have 90 days to respond and will receive a 60-day advance notice before any termination or reduction in benefits. The final responses are expected to be due in December 2024, with the final closures scheduled for February 2025.

Meanwhile, information regarding these renewals is not visible on the Medical Redeterminations Dashboard. To ensure consistency, the data below still refers to the total number of members affected by unwinding in December.

February data on OHP renewals

By February 17, 2024, a total of 1,241,196 individuals had successfully finished the renewal process. 85.3% of all OHP and Medicaid members are represented by this.

  • Over 1 million individuals (83.6 percent) successfully renewed and maintained their benefits. 
  • 187,789 individuals (15.1 percent) were deemed ineligible. 
  • Out of the total, 15,076 individuals (1.2 percent) experienced a decrease in their benefits. Many of these individuals lost full coverage under OHP but were still eligible for Medicare Savings Programs to assist with their Medicare expenses.

Discover assistance in renewing your benefits

  • Discover additional information on how to renew your Oregon Health Plan medical coverage. 
  • Please contact the ONE Customer Service Center at 800-699-9075. All relay calls are welcomed, and assistance is provided in various languages. Arriving between 7 and 8 a.m. will result in the shortest wait times. 
  • Feel free to stop by or give a local Oregon Department of Human Services office a call. You can locate your nearest office by visiting 
  • Stop by a community partner for complimentary in-person assistance. To find one near you visit or

Due to the high volume of OHP renewals and renewals of long-term services and supports, individuals may experience longer wait times, delays, and potential interruptions to their OHP benefits. For the quickest update, members should visit and log into their ONE online account.

Steps to take if your OHP coverage is ending:

  • Before finalizing your letter, it’s important to carefully examine the case summary to ensure the accuracy of the information that influenced the decision.

    If there have been any updates to that information, please inform the state. Feel free to reach out to the ONE Customer Service Center at 800-699-9075 (toll-free, all relay calls accepted) or explore additional ways to connect at

    If the details in your records are accurate and you do not agree with the outcome, you have the option to ask for a hearing. Discover additional information on hearings. 
  • Consider different possibilities with an employer. If you, your spouse, or a parent have a job, you might qualify for health insurance from the employer.

    Consult your manager or Human Resources department to determine your eligibility. You are eligible for a special enrollment period to sign up mid-year because of the loss of OHP benefits. 

If you have or are eligible for Medicare: For assistance in understanding and selecting the appropriate Medicare options, visit to locate an insurance agent or a counselor at the Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance Program (SHIBA). Feel free to reach out to SHIBA at 800-722-4134.

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