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Parole Agent Murdered During Check on Sex Offender, Body Found in Plastic Bag


On May 31, a 33-year-old Maryland parole and probation officer named Davis Martinez was doing a normal resident check for Emanuel Edward Sewell, 54, who had been convicted of sex crimes five years before.

Officers from the Montgomery County Department of Police were sent to Sewell’s apartment in Chevy Chase when Martinez didn’t show up.

The house was “secured with blinds drawn” when the police arrived. A charging document received by PEOPLE says that they broke into Martinez and Sewell’s apartment after trying to get in touch with both of them.

The papers say that inside, they found Martinez under a bed wrapped in several plastic bags.
The report says that officers saw what looked like a curled position on the body and a bloody towel near the front door.

Prosecutors told The Washington Post that Martinez had been struck several times, including in the head, face, brain, and neck.

Around 9 a.m. that morning, a neighbor told police that she heard loud knocking on Sewell’s door. After a few hours, around 2 p.m., the witness said he saw Sewell walking toward a dumpster and then back to his apartment. Soon after, he was said to have been seen leaving his apartment with two trash bags full of clothes. The charge sheet says he drove off in his Hyundai Elantra.

The next day, Sewell was arrested in West Virginia, according to the Post. The Post says he was charged with second-degree murder and told to stay in jail without bail on Monday, June 10.

The man who was found guilty of rape had been on supervised release since 2021. He had spent decades in jail for raping a physicist in 1996.

People got a copy of the man’s charging document from October 31, 1996, which says Sewell climbed in through the unlocked ground-level kitchen window, attacked him in his bed with a knife, bound his hands and feet, and then sexually assaulted him. His victim’s ATM card, video cassette camera, and 1991 Plymouth Colt were all taken by him after the attack. According to the charging document, he told cops that he did it.

Sewell hasn’t made a plea yet. We were unable to get in touch with his lawyer for feedback.

Source: PEOPLE

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