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Pennsylvania Father Reunites with Children in Pittsburgh After 12 Years in Foreign Prison


One Somerset County family’s misery is gone. Friday night saw Bryan and Ashley Hagerich arrive at Pittsburgh International Airport.

“Absolutely overwhelmed,” Hagerich said of arriving in Pittsburgh with his kids after 101 days. “So much fun. My main worry is coaching my kids’ baseball games tomorrow, which is great.”

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 and several other media outlets formed a semi-circle near baggage claim to film Hagerich descending an escalator.

“We have a lot of catching up to do,” Hagerich said of his two young children. Make many memories together. So excited to see them. Their resilience has been remarkable. Kids have always been our goal. We’ve done our best to maintain normalcy for them, which has been really difficult, but having them here has been fantastic.”

Bryan Hagerich hadn’t returned home since February. They appeared in court in the Turks and Caicos Islands Friday morning, with Bryan Hagerich facing a 12-year term.

For accidentally packing the box of ammo in his suitcase during a family holiday earlier this year, he received the regular minimum penalty.

Hagerich received a 52-week suspended sentence and a $6,700 fine from the TCI judge. Hagerich paid the fine and got his passport back. The couple ran to the airport to return to America. Pittsburgh was their destination after a connecting trip in Atlanta.

Extremely pleased. Looking forward to home. Before landing, Bryan Hagerich stated, “My two kids can’t wait to jump into our arms.”

Outside the TCI courthouse, they detailed the day’s emotional impact.

“Overwhelming,” remarked Ashley Hagerich.

Bryan Hagerich concurred.

“Overwhelming. Joy, he said. This is what we’ve waited 101 days for. This is the finest day—to be home and embrace my kids in eight hours.”

“God is so good,” remarked Ashley Hagerich.

Hagerich said, “All of our prayers have been answered.”

So moving. Children are our life. We love them and have made the two youngsters our first priority for 101 days, so we can provide some normalcy to them “said Bryan Hagerich.

“We have much time to make up,” stated Ashley Hagerich.

They couldn’t instantly call their kids to tell them dad was free and coming home.

While in court, Ashley Hagerich revealed their kindergartener attended Mass for her graduation.

“But my best friend was telling her that daddy’s meeting her at the airport, so we can’t wait to call her,” said.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 interviewed that friend.

“I’ll bring her kids. I’m excited to bring her to her parents, not just her mom. “Their kindergartener daughter and 4-year-old boy are close friends with my daughter, said Caroline Constantine.

“Daddy was coming home, so they were excited. Unfortunately, Daddy has missed several milestones, which has devastated the kids and families. Birthday festivities were missed. He missed his daughter’s first tooth and won’t miss anything else. He’ll be there for everything, which means everything to everyone “Constantine added.

She’s planning an airport welcome.

Everybody will be thrilled to see these kids hug their dad again. Can’t wait. Excited to see it. The signage are made. We’ll make a tremendous noise because we’re excited “Constantine stated.

“Great news. Bryan returns home to family. I was honored to meet Bryan and the other detained Americans in TCI this week “After the announcement, Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman remarked.

Fetterman and Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler traveled to Turks & Caicos to influence Friday’s sentencing.

“While I am overjoyed to see Bryan Hagerich will be returning to Pennsylvania and reuniting with his wife and two children, this terrifying situation should have never happened to him, or the four other Americans still awaiting sentencing,” he said.

Fetterman, Reschenthaler, and family friends greeted Hagerich at the airport Friday.

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