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Police Appeal for Public Aid as Don McDougal is Linked to Disappearance of Audrii Cunningham


It has been revealed that authorities suspect Don Steven McDougal was the last individual to have encountered Audrii Cunningham, who is currently missing.

One of the limited leads in the case of Audrii Cunningham’s disappearance could potentially be a red “Hello Kitty” backpack that she was meant to take to school with her last week.

The 11-year-old disappeared after she departed to catch the school bus on Thursday morning in Livingston, a small town located in east Texas, approximately 70 miles northeast of Houston.

According to the sheriff, Don Steven McDougal, aged 42, who was apprehended on Friday for an unrelated aggravated assault incident, is under scrutiny as a person of interest.

The sheriff stated that McDougal resides in a trailer situated behind the family’s residence.

Audrii was last observed being dropped off at a bus stop by her father on Thursday, February 15, and has not been located since.

During a press briefing held today, Sheriff Byron Lyons of Polk County stated that McDougal, who has been apprehended for a separate assault incident, has neither admitted to any involvement in the disappearance of the girl nor fully cooperated with law enforcement.

When queried about whether authorities believe McDougal was the final individual to have encountered Audrii, Lyons responded, “It is likely that he accompanied her to the bus stop and we currently believe that he was the last individual to have seen Audrii.”

McDougal’s Criminal Record: Assault and Child Enticement

It has been revealed that authorities suspect Don Steven McDougal was the last individual to have encountered Audrii Cunningham, who is currently missing.

McDougal has not faced charges associated with the girl’s disappearance; however, his criminal history encompasses assault charges as well as prior convictions for child enticement.

His potential involvement in the case arises from his past interactions with Audrii and her family, with neighbors recalling sightings of him at Audrii’s residence.

The individual of interest resides in a trailer located on the family’s premises and was occasionally responsible for escorting Audrii to the bus stop, as disclosed by the sheriff. Although this individual has engaged in discussions with investigators, he has not acknowledged whether he escorted her to the bus stop on that particular morning, according to Lyons.

Authorities have requested individuals possessing video footage of a roadway near the lake from Thursday morning between 6:30 am and 8 am to provide it as part of the efforts to establish a timeline.

McDougal has been offered multiple opportunities to collaborate, as indicated by Lt. Craig Cummings, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety. “We maintain hope that he will commence cooperation in this case,” Cummings stated.

Lyons further mentioned other individuals scrutinized during the inquiry and emphasized that no one has been excluded as a potential suspect.

The reward in the case escalated to $10,000 on Monday for any information leading to an arrest.

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