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Police from the OSHP Catch Two Cars Going Over 100 Mph in The Area!


The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants people to slow down because they saw some people going over 100 mph in the area. OSHP shared two pictures on social media of two drivers they caught “going way too fast!” “Slow down for everyone’s safety!” OSHP stated.

On I-70 in Clark County, one car was going 109 mph and on I-113 in Shelby County, one was going 113 mph. In Clark County, the driver was ticketed for unsafe driving, and in Shelby County, a young driver was pulled over for going 113 mph. With the holiday travel season coming up, OSHP says everyone should take their time getting where they’re going.

The OSHP’s recent discovery of two drivers going over 100 mph across the area is a reminder of the dangers of speeding. It is important for drivers to obey the speed limit and to be aware of their surroundings while driving. Let us all do our part to keep the roads safe and reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

Police from the OSHP Catch Two Cars Going Over 100 Mph in The Area!

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