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Potentially Harmful Social Security Scam Targeting Residents of Louisiana and Texas!


CNS NewsScam artists are always coming up with new ways to steal money from Americans, especially those who are weak. There are already a lot of scams that use stolen Social Security numbers, but there are some warnings about a new type of scam that could affect almost anyone. People in New York are already being warned about this scam by their government. But those types of scams don’t stay in one place for long.

If this one worked in Louisiana, it could quickly spread to other states like Texas and Louisiana. Fox23News in Albany, New York, says that the phone trick involves people saying that someone else’s social security number has been stolen and that someone from the Social Security Administration will come to their house to give them a new number. Police often say that you should never talk to these people on the phone; in fact, they say you should hang up right away.

Also, you should never, ever give out private information over the phone. In a lot of ways, what’s going on in Albany is like what police in Alexandria, Louisiana, saw last year. “APD said the scammers will call, text or e-mail victims and tell them the Social Security Administration is changing their Social Security number,” KALB wrote in April 2023.

“They will then instruct the victims to tell the scammers what their Social Security number is so that the scammers can provide the victim with a new number.” When you don’t know someone, you should never give their social security number. Even more so since there’s no way to “give” you another one. This kind of call should be reported right away to the police in your area.

  • Protecting Your Identity: In today’s linked world, it’s important to be careful of phone scams. Here are some good habits to keep your name safe from phone-related fraud:
  • Checking the caller ID: Don’t trust caller ID without question. It can be changed by scammers to show false information. If a call seems odd, check the caller’s name on your own.
  • Do Not Answer Unknown Calls: Let the Call Go to Voicemail if You Don’t Know the Number. Callers Who Are Calling for Real Often Leave Notes, Which Helps Weed out Possible Scams.
  • Be Skeptical of Urgent Calls: Scammers Often Use a Sense of Urgency to Get People to Move Quickly. If someone Says You Owe Money or Offers You Something for A Limited Time, Check the Facts on Your Own Before Moving Forward.
  • Do Not Share Personal Information: Real Businesses Will Not Ask for Private Data Like Social Security Numbers or Credit Card Numbers Over the Phone. Be Careful About Giving out Any Cash or Personal Information.
  • Use Apps that Block Calls: A Lot of Smartphones Come with Features or Apps that Can Help You Spot and Block Possible Scam Calls. Check out These Tools and Use Them to Make Your Phone Safer.
  • Take a Break from Robocalls: If You Get an Automatic Call Telling You to Press a Button or Talk to An Operator, Hang up Right Away. If you Answer These Calls, Your Name Could Be Stolen or Your Money Could Be Lost.
  • Check Unexpected Calls: If Someone Claiming to Be from A Government Body or Your Bank Calls You Out Of The Blue, Hang up And Call Them Back from A Number You Know Is Real. This Makes Sure You’re Talking to The Right Company.
  • Educate Yourself: Keep up With Common Phone Scams and The Tricks Thieves Use. Being Aware Is a Strong Way to Keep Yourself from Falling for Scams.
  • Register on the “Do Not Call” List: Putting Your Phone Number on The National “Do Not Call” List Will Cut Down on The Number of Calls You Get that You Didn’t Ask For. Telemarketers Who Are Doing Their Jobs Should Follow This Guide.
  • Report Strange Calls: Call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or The Consumer Protection Body in Your Country if You Think You Might Be a Victim of A Phone Scam.
  • Keep Personal Information Safe: People May Listen in On Your Private Conversations in Public Places, so Be Careful What You Say, Especially if It Could Be Used to Steal Your Identity.

Potentially Harmful Social Security Scam Targeting Residents of Louisiana and Texas!

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You Can Greatly Lower Your Risk of Falling for Phone Scams and Keep Your Information Safe from Possible Fraudsters by Following These Best Practices When You Use Your Phone. Be Careful and Put Your Protection First in The Digital World.

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