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Prosecutors Allege Tampa Murder Suspect Tried to ‘Romance His Teen Daughter’ Before the Shooting Spree!


CNS NewsIn a disturbing case that has shocked the Tampa community, Michael Banks stands accused of a violent shooting spree triggered by familial conflict. Prosecutors allege that Banks’s actions were precipitated by a conversation he overheard about being removed from his family home. This discussion centered around an alarming revelation: Banks was purportedly involved in an inappropriate relationship with his teenage daughter.

The situation escalated when Banks, reportedly feeling angry and betrayed, armed himself with a loaded revolver. His first victim was an unidentified woman in the kitchen of the family home, whom he shot and killed. His mother was also targeted, sustaining a head injury from a bullet graze.

The prosecutors’ report then details Banks pursuing his daughter, who was taking a shower at the time. He shot through the bathroom door, wounding her in the leg. Following the shooting, both his daughter and mother managed to escape the house, seeking help while screaming.

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Upon his arrest, Banks confessed to having written a love letter to his daughter, asking her to enter into an exclusive relationship with him. This revelation adds a disturbing dimension to the case, highlighting the complex and deeply troubling nature of the events.

Banks’s criminal history, which includes a conviction for aggravated battery in 2007, further complicates his profile. Currently held without bond, he awaits a pre-trial detention hearing. This case not only brings to light the severe consequences of familial and domestic conflict but also raises significant concerns about the intersection of criminal history and domestic violence.

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