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Ranked #1 for Highest Level of Violent Crime in The New Jersey State!


CNS NewsWildwood, a small town nestled in Cape May County, New Jersey, has garnered notoriety for its alarming crime rates, earning it the unenviable title of the most violent town in the state. With a population of approximately 5,000 residents, Wildwood paints a stark picture of contrasts, boasting picturesque beaches and vibrant attractions alongside a dark underbelly of crime and violence.

According to data compiled by the FBI in 2020, Wildwood reported a staggering 7,437 crimes, including 713 violent offenses and 6,724 property crimes. These figures translate to a violent crime rate of 13.7 incidents per 100 residents and a property crime rate of 129.5 per 100 residents, significantly surpassing state averages.

What Makes Wildwood So Dangerous?

The root causes of Wildwood’s crime epidemic are manifold, encompassing factors such as poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, gang activity, and educational deficiencies. Census data from 2019 revealed a poverty rate of 28.9% in Wildwood, far exceeding the state average of 9.2%. Furthermore, the town grapples with an unemployment rate of 11.9%, outpacing the statewide average of 7.8%.

Compounding these challenges is a lower high school graduation rate, standing at 77.4% compared to the state’s 90.9%. The repercussions of Wildwood’s crime epidemic extend beyond its residents, tarnishing the town’s reputation and imperiling its vital tourism industry. Visitors flock to Wildwood’s beaches and attractions, only to find themselves unwitting targets of criminal activity, casting a shadow over the town’s allure.

Ranked #1 for Highest Level of Violent Crime in The New Jersey State!

Addressing Wildwood’s entrenched crime problem demands a multifaceted approach. Increasing police presence and resources, particularly during peak tourist seasons, serves as a deterrent against criminal behavior. Community policing initiatives foster trust and collaboration between law enforcement and residents, addressing underlying societal issues.

Additionally, bolstering social services, educational opportunities, and economic development endeavors are essential steps toward revitalizing Wildwood and fostering a safer environment for all. Despite its challenges, Wildwood harbors immense potential for transformation. By collectively addressing the underlying socioeconomic factors fueling crime, the town can emerge as a beacon of resilience and renewal, reclaiming its status as a vibrant and welcoming community.

What Can Be Done to Improve Wildwood’s Situation?

The crime problem in Wildwood isn’t easy to fix, but some things might be able to be done to make it less bad. Here are some of these steps:

  • Putting more police officers and resources in the town, especially when there are a lot of tourists, to stop and discourage crime.
  • Community policing and outreach programs should be put in place to help citizens and police trust and work together and to deal with the problems that cause crime.
  • Giving the people who live there more social services and chances, like schooling, health care, job training, and addiction treatment, will make their lives better and increase their chances of success.
  • Promoting the town’s economic growth and diversification will help create more jobs and income for the people who live there and make them less reliant on tourists.
  • Improving the quality and charm of the town’s attractions by keeping them safe from crime and damage and keeping them in good shape.

Ranked #1 for Highest Level of Violent Crime in The New Jersey State!

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It is the most dangerous place in New Jersey to live, with some of the worst crime rates in the country. Crime in the town is caused by many things, including poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, gang activity, and not getting enough schooling. Crime in the town is a big problem for everyone, including the people who live there, come to visit, and run companies.

Some things that can be done to lower the town’s crime rate are to make the police presence and resources stronger, start community policing and outreach programs, offer more social services and opportunities, encourage economic growth and diversification, and make sure that the town’s attractions are safer and better maintained.

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