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Report: Biden Government Is Thinking About Delaying the Switch to Electric Vehicles!


CNS NewsBased on three people familiar with the plan, The New York Times first reported on Saturday that the Biden administration is likely to loosen its rules on the country’s switch to electric cars (EVs). The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) change to its proposed rule would make short-term rules for vehicle pollution less strict.

This would mean that car companies could have a smaller share of their fleets be electric in 2030 than they could have under the Biden administration’s original proposal, according to the Times. The new rule would be good for both car companies and labor unions because it would give the industry more time to build up its charging stations and electric vehicle output before new rules affect the market for gas-powered cars.

EV sales have grown over the past few years, but not as quickly as some people thought they would. In 2023, more people bought hybrid cars than fully electric cars. According to The Associated Press, EV sales only made up 7% of the market last year. The Biden administration thinks that electric vehicles will make up as much as two-thirds of sales by 2032, which is a lot more than that.

Report: Biden Government Is Thinking About Delaying the Switch to Electric Vehicles!

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Last week, the Congressional Budget Office raised its estimate of how much the Inflation Reduction Act would cost because more Americans than expected were applying for EV tax credits. If the rules are changed, the United Auto Workers union might not be as worried about President Biden’s reelection campaign. After months of criticizing the president publicly and warning about moving too quickly to electric vehicles, the union finally backed Biden last month.

Last year, the EPA first suggested the strict tailpipe rules. These rules are so strict that they would force automakers to sell mostly zero-emissions cars by 2030. The House GOP passed a bill in December to get rid of the rule, and last month, a lot of car sellers spoke out against it as well. According to the Times, the Biden administration will likely make the change this spring.

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