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RFK Jr. Was Voted Out of the Race for President by the Libertarian Party in the First Round


It was quickly decided that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would not be able to win the Libertarian Party’s nomination on Sunday’s first ballot. This ended rumors that he might get the support of a big third party before the November election.

Kennedy got backing from only 19 delegates, or about 2% of the vote during the party’s nominating process at its Washington convention. Even though he said last month he wasn’t going to run for the party’s ticket, he spoke at the convention on Friday.

The person who suggested Kennedy from the floor on Sunday got loud boos from the crowd.

Kennedy argued with former President Trump in his speech on Friday. Trump also spoke at the gathering the next day.

“I believe he made the right choice when he took office,” Kennedy said of Trump. “At first, he didn’t want to enforce lockdowns, but then his bureaucrats got on him.” He gave in, and almost overnight many of our most important rights were taken away.

“President Trump let his health regulators order social distance that wasn’t based on science. This violated our First Amendment rights to free assembly.” It was no longer safe for us to meet,” he said later.

Trump did worse in the nomination process. He only got two write-in votes, even though he made a speech in which he asked Libertarians many times to support him. He had to run as a write-in candidate because his party said he wasn’t qualified because he didn’t file the right paperwork.

One delegate put in movie star Stormy Daniels, who is at the center of the criminal hush money case against former President Trump. This was meant to be an insult to her. A jury should make a decision on that case this week.

Kennedy has become well-known among moderates by marketing himself as someone who is against the establishment and doesn’t trust the rules of government. Kennedy isn’t thought to have a chance of beating Trump or Vice President Biden, but new polls show that he could be Trump’s downfall in November.

Polls from The Hill and Decision Desk HQ show that the former Democrat has about 8% support. Trump is ahead of Biden by just over 1%.

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