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Risk for Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz if the Supreme Court Says Trump, is a Rebel!


CNS NewsAs the Supreme Court deliberates on whether former President Donald Trump engaged in insurrection, significant implications loom for prominent Republican figures like Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and others. This situation arises from an MSNBC opinion piece by Hayes Brown, discussing the potential consequences of the Court’s decision regarding Trump’s eligibility for the 2024 ballots in various states.

Brown’s analysis highlights a recently filed amicus brief by nearly 200 Republican members of Congress. While the brief appears well-crafted, it carries an underlying self-interest, particularly for those who might also be considered as having ‘engaged in insurrection’, thus facing possible disqualification from holding office.

Among these are Representatives Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Andy Biggs, known for their involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Senator Ted Cruz’s role is also noteworthy, given his leadership in challenging electoral votes and proposing measures that could have potentially altered the election outcome in favor of Trump.

The amicus brief inadvertently exposes the lawmakers’ concerns about the implications of the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling for their political futures. Brown points out that their involvement in Trump’s efforts makes them particularly vested in the case’s outcome.

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This scenario places these GOP members in a precarious position, as they potentially face the repercussions of a Supreme Court ruling that could deem them complicit in insurrectionist activities. Such a decision would not only affect Trump but also cast a shadow over the political careers of these influential Republican figures, potentially altering the landscape of GOP politics and its future direction.

The article underscores the intertwined fates of Trump and his key supporters in the face of legal scrutiny over the events surrounding the January 6 Capitol riots. The Supreme Court’s decision, therefore, carries not just legal but also significant political weight, with the potential to reshape the contours of the Republican Party.

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