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Sen. Ted Cruz and Two Democrats from Texas Are Tied in The Polls!


CNS NewsAs the political landscape heats up in Texas, Senator Ted Cruz finds himself in a challenging position ahead of the upcoming general election. A recent poll by Emerson College Polling and Nexstar Media reveals a statistical tie between Cruz and two Democratic challengers, setting the stage for a highly competitive race.

The poll, which surveyed 1,315 registered Texas voters, indicates a narrow margin between Cruz and his potential Democratic opponents, U.S. Rep. Colin Allred and State Sen. Roland Gutierrez. In hypothetical matchups, Cruz garnered 42% support against Allred’s 40%, while facing Gutierrez, the figures were 41% to 40% in Cruz’s favor.

These results, with a margin of error of approximately 2.6 percentage points, suggest a closely contested election. Allred, a former NFL linebacker, currently leads the Democratic field with 29% support among voters, according to the Emerson/Nexstar poll. This is closely aligned with findings from the University of Texas and the Texas Politics Project.

However, a significant portion of Democratic voters remains undecided, signaling a fluid and unpredictable primary race. This election cycle is notable not only for its competitiveness but also for the broader political implications. Cruz’s recent endorsement of former President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary and his anticipation of significant Democratic spending highlights the high stakes involved.

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The primary, set for March 5, and the general election on November 5, are poised to be pivotal moments in Texas politics. The outcome will have lasting impacts on the political landscape, not only in Texas but potentially at the national level as well.

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