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Single Mom in NC Battles Squatters as Airbnb Guests Refuse to Leave — Discover 2 Stress-Free Real Estate Investment Strategies


A single mother in Durham, North Carolina, is battling to reclaim her Airbnb accommodation after two visitors chose to extend their stay and assert their right to live there as “legal residents.”

The unfortunate owner of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house that is currently being held captive by squatters is Farzana Rahman. The squatters took control of the house after Farzana Rahman completed and paid for a valid seven-month stay that she had booked on Airbnb.

Rahman told ABC11/WTVD, “They’re refusing to leave until we give them an eviction notice.” “I believe they are merely attempting to extend their stay at no cost.”

Rahman was forced to file a formal eviction notice in court after multiple attempts to evict her former guests, who were now squatters, failed, including a police visit to the premises.

“This is where I belong. I’m depending on this money. She said, “My son is in college [and] I’m a single parent,” and mentioned how stressful and time-consuming the eviction process is.

This is what transpired and how you can profit from rental money without having to deal with the hassles of landlording.

“We are authorized residents.”

Rahman accepted a long-term booking for her Durham rental home from October 25, 2023, through May 24, 2024, ostensibly in an attempt to reap the benefits of consistent financial flow.

The pair had not left when her cleaner arrived after the scheduled check-out time, and they had instructed her guests not to come back. Nevertheless, her visitors had paid their debt through the Airbnb network. The following day, Rahman and the police went to the residence where she discovered a handwritten message affixed to the front door.

Nothing is allowed to trespass. Since we are the legitimate occupants of this house, we will leave after you have submitted the required documentation for an eviction to the civil magistrate. We will file charges for invasion of privacy if you attempt to enter.

Rahman initially asked for assistance from Airbnb. The platform suggested that she put her own safety first and cooperate with the local police to find a solution. She started the legal eviction procedure when the cops could not drive out the squatters.

Holdover tenants are visitors who remain in a rental after the terms of their lease have passed. Landlords who do this risk losing their rental income, having their property damaged, and having to deal with drawn-out, expensive court battles. The easiest way to get rid of a stubborn holdout renter is to start the eviction procedure as soon as you can, with the assistance of a local lawyer.

According to North Carolina law, a squatter cannot lawfully file an adverse possession claim unless they have been occupying a property continuously for 20 years.

Rahman’s attempts to seize the land will probably be unsuccessful in court because they have only been there for a few weeks past their welcome; nevertheless, the more they stay, the more rights they will gradually acquire. The week of June 13 was set aside for an eviction hearing.

Source: Moneywise

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