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Social Security News: In 12 Days, a $943 Straight Payment for March Will Be Sent Out!


CNS NewsIn less than two weeks, millions of people will get their March Supplemental Security Income payment, which is worth up to $943 for single filers. The payment will be sent out 12 days from now, on Friday, March 1. It will be the second paycheck of 2024 since there was a problem with the Social Security Administration’s calendar in January and no payouts were sent out. Because of the quirk, two checks were sent out in December.

People who want to get SSI must have a low income, be blind or partially blind, or have a “physical or mental condition(s) that seriously limits their daily activities for 12 months or more, or may be expected to result in death.” The biggest amount that each person can get is based on how they applied for the payment.

People who can get the payments can be put into one of three groups: individual, joint, or an important person. Those who file as an individual can get up to $943 a month, those who file as a couple can get up to $1,415 a month, and those who are important can get up to $472 a month. Because of inflation, these numbers are 3.2% more than they were in 2023.

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People who live with people who get SSI benefits and give them the care they need are considered essential persons. Not everyone who files will get the highest payment, and the SSA’s calculator can give each person a personalized estimate. The payments are on top of normal Social Security benefits. They help adults and children who are blind or have another disability and don’t make much money each month.

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