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Social Security News: The $943 April Direct Payment Will Be Disbursed in 29 Days!


CNS NewsIn a little over four weeks, millions of beneficiaries will get their April Supplemental Security Income payment, which is worth up to $943 for individual filers. According to the Social Security Administration, those who have a severe and disabling disability and a low income will receive the next installment on April 1.

A person must meet certain requirements to be eligible for SSI benefits, such as being 65 years of age or older, being at least partially blind, or having a “physical or mental condition(s) that seriously limits their daily activities for 12 months or more, or may be expected to result in death.”

The way filers apply for the payment will determine the maximum amount they can receive. Beneficiaries may file under one of three categories: essential person, joint, or individual. According to the SSA, recipients who file as individuals may receive up to $943 monthly, couples filing jointly may receive up to $1,415 monthly, and dependents may receive up to $472 monthly.

Social Security News: The $943 April Direct Payment Will Be Disbursed in 29 Days!

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These sums represent an inflation-adjusted increase of 3.2% from 2023. Those who live with someone receiving SSI benefits and give them the care they require fall under the essential person category. For those who qualify, the payments are made on top of regular Social Security benefits; however, not all recipients will get the full maximum amount. Filers can use the SSA’s calculator to view a customized estimate.

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