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South Florida Man Charged to Kill Us Rep. Eric Swalwell and His Children!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeIn a deeply unsettling incident, Michael Shapiro, a 72-year-old resident of Greenacres, Florida, was arrested following his issuance of grave threats against U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell and his family. These alarming developments unfolded in December, when Shapiro left a series of menacing voicemails at Swalwell’s office in Washington, D.C.

The content of these messages was chillingly direct. In one, Shapiro explicitly threatened to “come after you and kill you,” targeting Swalwell. Another message escalated the threat to include Swalwell’s children, with Shapiro stating he would “come and kill your children.”

These statements were not only terrifying but also indicative of the increasing hostility and dangers faced by public figures in today’s political climate. Shapiro’s actions did not occur in isolation. They are part of a concerning pattern of behavior. In 2019, Shapiro had pleaded guilty in a federal court for similar offenses, involving threatening communications to another victim.

This history of threatening behavior underscores the seriousness of the current charges against him. The threats against Swalwell intersected with unfounded allegations of espionage. Shapiro accused the Congressman of being a Chinese spy, a claim that has been thoroughly investigated and debunked.

Swalwell had been contacted by suspected spy Christine Fang during his early congressional campaigns, but after federal investigators briefed him about their concerns in 2015, Swalwell ceased all contact with Fang. The House Ethics Committee investigated Swalwell’s connections to Fang but concluded the probe last year without finding any misconduct.

Representative Swalwell, responding to these threats, affirmed his determination to continue serving his constituents, undeterred by the intimidation tactics. His stance highlights the resolve of public servants to uphold their duties in the face of personal risks.

Swalwell’s reaction also sheds light on the broader issue of escalating political tensions and violence in the United States, particularly among extremists. Shapiro, after his arrest, faced a federal charge of transmitting a threatening communication. His initial court appearance took place in West Palm Beach, where a judge set his bond at $250,000.

The severity of this bond reflects the gravity of the charges and the potential risk Shapiro poses. This case is not just about the actions of one individual; it’s a reflection of the heightened and sometimes violent political discourse in contemporary America.

South Florida Man Charged to Kill Us Rep. Eric Swalwell and His Children!

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It raises critical questions about the safety of public officials, the consequences of unfounded conspiracy theories, and the responsibility of individuals in a politically charged environment. As Shapiro awaits further legal proceedings, the incident remains a stark reminder of the challenges facing the nation’s political and judicial systems in addressing and mitigating such threats.

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