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State Cops in Delaware Say a Man Stole $11,000 Worth of Cigarettes From Walgreens


Police say that a man from Delaware stole cigarettes worth more than $11,000 from a Walgreens shop.

The event took place on Thursday at the Wilmington Walgreens on New Linden Hill Road, according to a Facebook post by Delaware State Police.

It said, “Yes, you read that right—eleven thousand dollars worth of smokes!”

Police say the man walked behind the counter, grabbed the pack of cigarettes, and left while an employee was busy in another part of the shop.

The public is being asked to help the police find the suspect. Anyone with knowledge about where he is should call Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333.

“Your tip could be the match that lights up this case!” the cops wrote.

Police shared pictures from surveillance footage that they said showed the suspect in the store on Saturday.

The pictures show a guy pushing a walker while wearing a red shirt and red shoes.

Source: FOX News

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