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Hit and Run case in West Know, Drunk Driver kills motorist


Knoxville, Tennessee — A driver hit and killed a motorcyclist early Monday at a crossing in West Knox County. The driver then left his car and was later found at his home, according to a report from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The story says that 38-year-old Donald Anthony Bowman of Knoxville is being charged.

KCSO is looking into it.

Raymundo Salinas, a 27-year-old motorcyclist from Knoxville, was sitting on his Honda at the light at Lovell Road and Outlet Drive around 2 a.m. The report says Bowman was going north on Lovell when his 2014 Dodge Ram truck hit Salinas from behind.

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Salinas passed away right there.

The report says Bowman ran away. The report says that he got out of the Dodge on Gilbert Road and was quickly found at his home.

KCSO was told that someone heard the crash and saw the driver of the Dodge get out to look at his car and the motorbike. The witness saw the driver get back into his truck and drive north on Lovell Road, according to the report.

KCSO thinks drinking played a part. Substance tests are still being done.

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