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Suspects Have Been Arrested After a Missing Georgia Woman Was Found Dead in Tennessee


Three people have been arrested in connection with the death and absence of a 20-year-old Georgia woman whose body was found in Tennessee.

In August 2023, Maury-Ange Martinez, who lived in Alpharetta, was reported missing in Gwinnett County. The Cobb County Police Department said that her body was found in the woods outside of Chattanooga on January 5.

After some time, the medical examiner for Hamilton County, Tennessee, confirmed that the bodies were Martinez’s. The reason she died has not been made public.

Anita Darling, Martinez’s mother, found out about it on Mother’s Day.

“I need to know what came up with my kid. “It doesn’t make up for the loss in any way, but it fills in the blanks in my mind so I can remember what happened for the rest of our lives,” Darling told Fox Atlanta.

The police have nabbed Allen Kerr, Sean Deshazer, and Jasmine Craig. It is a crime for all three of them to hide a death. Kerr, 32, and Deshazer, 27, were already in jail on separate charges, and police say Craig was arrested in a different area.

Aside from drug charges, Deshazer was already in jail on charges of having cocaine and marijuana on his person, as well as selling drugs and having a gun or knife while committing a crime.

Kerr was being held because he was suspected of having drugs and guns and obstructing a police officer on purpose.

To find out what happened to Martinez, police from Cobb County and Hamilton County, Tennessee, worked together. The police haven’t said anything about Martinez’s possible link to the three suspects.


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