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Teen Believes Social Media Ban ‘Won’t Work’, Makes the App to Safeguard Youngsters!


CNS NewsThe state of Florida might be the first in the country to pass a law that keeps kids under 16 from using social media. The bill has been passed and is now on the governor’s desk. He or she needs to sign it by this Friday. Recently, Meta and other social media sites have been criticized for having bad effects on kids.

But one teen says the bill is wrong. Check out: The Supreme Court is hearing important cases about free speech and content control on social media “There’s a middle ground where we can use the good parts of social media and avoid the bad parts,” Aahil said. Aahil Valliani made an app called SafeKids when he was only 14 years old.

The app is meant to stop kids from seeing inappropriate material and teach them right then how to be safer on social media. “The app has AI, so if I look for “civil war rifle,” it knows I want to learn. But if I look for suicidal or violent content, like weapons, it will block the screen and tell me why the content isn’t good for me.

Teen Believes Social Media Ban 'Won't Work', Makes the App to Safeguard Youngsters!

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This way, kids can choose what to see. “Kids always make the right choice when they know why content is bad for them,” Valliani said. After three years, his app has thousands of young users. He believes that teaching kids about the bad things about social media is better than not letting them use it at all.

We naturally want to know what’s going on when we see a closed screen. What’s blocking it?’ When our curiosity gets the best of us, it’s used against us. Teenagers who are 16 years old will finally be able to use social media without being blocked. That’s when mistakes happen. You can make mistakes with SafeKids, though, and fix them.

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