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Tennessee to Become First State to Provide Diapers for Children Starting in August


Your monthly expenses are increasing, and we are aware that you are attempting to reduce your expenses.

Extra expenses are extremely challenging to handle for families who have children who are still in diapers.

Ninety-two percent of families in Tennessee that get diapers are employed, but they are still unable to buy an appropriate supply of diapers, as stated by the National Diaper Bank Network.

A new benefit that will be available to families who have TennCare may arrive at the most opportune moment.

It was only recently revealed that the Medicaid program in the state will once again begin providing coverage for one hundred diapers each month for newborns, infants, and children who are one year old.

Doug Adair, the president of Nashville Diaper Connection, had this to say about the situation: “They are expensive, so this is going to be a huge, huge break.”

When diapers are not readily available, it might result in a painful diaper rash or infection for the infant, as well as anxiety or depression in the parents, as stated by Nashville Diaper Connection.

“It’s obviously important for the baby to be clean and dry, it helps them be more healthy, [and] if a parent can change the diapers when needed, it reduces the chances that child is going to get diaper rash or a UTI — which can lead to additional stress and impact,” Adair explained to reporters.

During the previous year, the diaper bank assisted 4,600 infants on a monthly basis. During the year 2023, it distributed more than three million diapers. In the majority of cases, TennCare recipients were families. With a total of five diaper banks across the state, the Nashville Diaper Connection is one of them. Following the implementation of this new benefit, the group anticipates that TennCare will distribute close to one hundred million diapers.

The proposal that Tennessee has proposed to cover the cost of one hundred diapers per month for TennCare and CoverKids members who are under the age of two was approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Friday of last week. In addition to this, they granted TennCare eligibility to a greater number of parents and childcare providers. It will begin on June 1st.

“Operationally they are making sure that this is a true and immediate and long-term and impactful benefit for their members,” Adair explained to reporters.

The concept was included in Governor Bill Lee’s Strong Families Initiative, which was approved by the General Assembly in 2023. If this plan sounds familiar to you, it is because the proposal was included in that initiative.

It is the first state in the country to assist families in covering the expense of diapers.

However, this does not imply that diaper banks are going out of business.

“Food stamps have been around a long time and Second Harvest and other food banks aren’t getting any smaller,” Adair explained to reporters.

Assisting the diaper bank can be accomplished in a few different ways, for as by physically donating diapers, providing money, or purchasing items from the diaper bank’s wish list and online registry.

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