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Texan Man Allegedly Raped in Prison After AI Mistakenly Labels Him as A Robbery Suspect Even Though He Has an Alibi!


CNS NewsIn a harrowing incident, a 61-year-old man from Texas, Harvey Murphy Jr., is suing retail giants Macy’s and Sunglass Hut’s parent company, Essilor Luxottica, after erroneous facial recognition technology led to his false accusation in an armed robbery case. Murphy’s ordeal unfolded when he went to renew his driver’s license at a DMV in Gonzales, Texas, only to find himself wrongfully accused and arrested for a crime that occurred on the other side of the country.

On January 22, 2022, an armed robbery took place at a Sunglass Hut in Houston, where two individuals stole thousands of dollars from the store. During the robbery, two employees were ordered into a back room while the suspects made their escape.

As the police investigated, a loss prevention employee from Essilor Luxottica informed them that the alleged perpetrator had been identified using artificial intelligence and facial recognition software, linking Harvey Murphy Jr. to the crime. Essilor Luxottica and Macy’s relied on video footage from the robbery to identify Murphy as one of the perpetrators.

However, Murphy had a strong alibi; he was 2,000 miles away in California at the time of the incident, as confirmed by his lawyer. Despite having an alibi, Murphy was arrested and transported to Harris County Jail, unaware of the unfolding situation. At his arraignment, Murphy learned he was charged with robbery, but the revelation of the incident’s date allowed his lawyer and the prosecutor to confirm his alibi.

The charges were subsequently dismissed. However, Murphy’s ordeal did not end there. Just hours before his release from jail, he alleges he was brutally assaulted, including a sexual assault by three individuals. The attackers threatened him with violence if he reported the incident, leaving Murphy with permanent injuries and psychological trauma.

The lawsuit contends that facial recognition technology, an artificial intelligence tool that analyzes human faces to create biometric templates, played a crucial role in the wrongful arrest of Harvey Murphy Jr. Sunglass Hut, a subsidiary of Essilor Luxottica, collects customers’ biometric identifiers and information through face-scanning technology at its locations.

The lawsuit argues that the technology used is often inaccurate, leading to Murphy’s false identification and subsequent arrest. Harvey Murphy Jr. is seeking justice through legal action, filing a lawsuit against Macy’s and Essilor Luxottica.

Texan Man Allegedly Raped in Prison After AI Mistakenly Labels Him as A Robbery Suspect Even Though He Has an Alibi!

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The lawsuit claims that not only does Essilor Luxottica profit from its facial recognition software, but it also utilizes this technology to identify alleged perpetrators. Murphy is seeking $10 million in damages through a jury trial, emphasizing the need for accountability and proper scrutiny of facial recognition technology’s accuracy in law enforcement and security applications.

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