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Texan Teen Facing Suspension for Having Dreadlocks Goes to Trial Under the CROWN Act!


CNS NewsIn a small town in Texas, the case of Darryl George, an 18-year-old Black teenager suspended from Barbers Hill High School due to his dreadlocks, is drawing attention to issues of racial hair discrimination. George, who has been in in-school suspension for months, found himself at the center of a legal battle after his family sued the school, citing violations of Texas’s newly established CROWN Act, which aims to prevent racial discrimination based on hairstyles.

The controversy stems from the school’s handbook, which contains a rule prohibiting male students from having hair past their eyebrows or earlobes. George’s dreadlocks, which he wears atop his head, away from his face and neck, were deemed to violate this policy. Advocates argue that the school’s regulations unfairly target Black students and perpetuate discriminatory practices.

Victoria Kirby York, of the National Black Justice Coalition, criticized the school’s interpretation of the policy, noting that it fails to consider the cultural significance of hairstyles and unfairly targets male students. Despite efforts to pass national legislation, such as the CROWN Act, which received support from the White House in 2022, Texas’s implementation of the law remains contentious.

Texan Teen Facing Suspension for Having Dreadlocks Goes to Trial Under the CROWN Act!

State District Judge Chap Cain scheduled arguments in George’s case for February 22nd but did not issue a temporary injunction, leaving George in suspension as the legal proceedings unfold. George’s family has also filed suit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, alleging failure to enforce the CROWN Act.

The superintendent of the Barbers Hill school district, Greg Poole, defended the school’s policies, stating that they are intended to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all students. However, legal strategist William Hill acknowledges that the law may need to be revisited to address concerns of cultural expression and discrimination.

Allie Booker, George’s attorney, expressed confidence in their case, citing overwhelming public support and George’s desire to simply be treated like any other teenager. Despite the challenges ahead, advocates hope that George’s case will serve as a catalyst for change and further strengthen protections against racial hair discrimination.

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While the outcome of George’s case remains uncertain, it underscores the ongoing struggle for racial equality and the importance of addressing systemic discrimination in all its forms. As the legal battle continues, advocates remain hopeful that justice will prevail and that George will be able to return to school without fear of discrimination based on his hairstyle.

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