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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Has Sued Multiple School Districts for Improper Electioneering!


CNS NewsTexas Attorney General Ken Paxton has escalated his legal crusade against alleged electioneering activities within the state, targeting multiple school districts for purported violations of electoral law. Paxton’s latest lawsuit targets Denison ISD, Castleberry ISD, and Frisco ISD, alleging that these districts unlawfully utilized official resources to influence the outcome of upcoming elections.

Citing specific instances of alleged misconduct, Paxton accuses Denison ISD of expressing political preferences on its official website, while Castleberry ISD’s Superintendent purportedly utilized her official email to endorse political candidates and instruct district personnel to vote accordingly.

Similarly, Paxton alleges that Frisco ISD’s Government Affairs department utilized official resources to advocate for specific policies and political measures. Despite claims of resolution in the case involving Castleberry ISD, Paxton has secured a restraining order against Frisco ISD, underscoring the ongoing legal battle against perceived electioneering violations.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Has Sued Multiple School Districts for Improper Electioneering!

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Notably, Paxton’s office lacks the authority to prosecute Election Code violations following a court ruling but retains the ability to seek civil injunctive relief to prohibit districts from engaging in unlawful electioneering practices. Paxton’s legal offensive extends beyond the districts named in the lawsuit, with his office actively investigating additional instances of potential electoral misconduct statewide.

With the Texas Ethics Commission adopting a broad interpretation of public funds, encompassing the use of public resources such as email systems, Paxton’s pursuit of alleged electioneering violations underscores the state’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

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