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Texas Border Patrol Was “Physically Barred” from Trying to Rescue Drowning Migrants!


CNS NewsA recent incident at the U.S.-Mexico border has sparked widespread controversy and condemnation. In what is being described as a disturbing display of authority, members of the Texas National Guard reportedly obstructed U.S. Border Patrol agents from attempting to rescue three drowning migrants in the Rio Grande River.

This tragic event unfolded in Shelby Park, Eagle Pass, Texas, an area recently taken under the control of the Texas National Guard following orders from Governor Greg Abbott. As detailed by the Department of Homeland Security, a woman and two children, tragically drowned in an area that had been commandeered by the State of Texas.

The Border Patrol, responding to a distress call from the Mexican government, was physically barred by Texas officials from entering the area to conduct the rescue operation. The bodies of the migrants were later recovered by Mexican authorities, further deepening the gravity of the incident.

Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar, reflecting on the incident, pointed to the state’s responsibility for the deaths. His statements, along with the Homeland Security report, paint a picture of a chaotic and inhumane situation at the border, directly implicating the actions of the Texas National Guard.

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The Texas Military Department’s response, which claimed an inability to locate the drowning migrants, stands in stark contrast to these reports. This incident not only raises serious questions about the state’s border policies but also casts a shadow on the humanitarian aspects of border control.

The White House and Justice Department have both expressed concern over the circumstances leading to these deaths, highlighting the need for the U.S. Border Patrol to have unfettered access to the border for law enforcement and rescue operations.

Governor Abbott’s border policies, including actions like bussing migrants to various cities across the U.S., have been under scrutiny for their humanitarian implications. This latest incident only intensifies the debate around border control, state versus federal jurisdiction, and the treatment of migrants attempting to enter the U.S.

Texas Border Patrol Was "Physically Barred" from Trying to Rescue Drowning Migrants!

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