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Texas DPS Says They Found a Dead Immigrant Who Was Trying to Cross the Rio Grande!


CNS NewsThe Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) reported a tragic incident in Eagle Pass, where an illegal immigrant was found dead after a failed attempt to cross the Rio Grande. The discovery, made by the department’s Tactical Marine Unit in a shallow section of the river near Shelby Park, casts a somber light on the perilous journey faced by migrants.

This incident is not isolated. In the past three years, about 2,300 deaths have been attributed to various dangers associated with illegal border crossings, including drownings, heat exhaustion, and vehicle accidents. These fatalities often occur under harsh environmental conditions or due to human smuggling activities.

Lt. Chris Olivarez of Texas DPS has called for more robust federal action, emphasizing the urgent need for reinforced border security measures and stricter enforcement of existing immigration laws. This recent tragedy is part of a series of similar incidents, including the drowning of three migrants—a woman and two children—in the same area just over a week prior.

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Although initial reports implicated the Texas Military Department and Border Patrol in the deaths, further investigations clarified their non-involvement. The Texas Military Department confirmed that by the time Border Patrol sought access to the area, Mexican authorities were already recovering the bodies.

These incidents underscore the complexities and dangers associated with illegal border crossings and the challenges faced by state and federal authorities in managing border security and humanitarian concerns.

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