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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Receives $6M From Out-Of-State Education Voucher Advocates!


CNS NewsTexas Governor Greg Abbott has recently received a staggering $6 million donation from Jeff Yass, a Pennsylvania-based GOP megadonor and prominent school voucher advocate. This contribution, combined with a previous $250,000 donation in October, has made it the largest single donation in Texas political history.

As of the latest campaign finance data, Governor Abbott’s campaign now boasts $32 million in its coffers. Since July, Abbott’s campaign has raised over $19 million, with a significant portion of this funding earmarked for promoting conservative candidates who align with his agenda.

This agenda includes expanding school choice, securing the southern border, and lowering property taxes.  Kim Snyder, Abbott’s campaign manager, highlighted the importance of this financial support in maintaining Texas’ conservative political landscape.

Jeff Yass, an early investor in TikTok and co-founder of the global trading and technology firm Susquehanna International Group, has a history of substantial political contributions. However, his involvement in Texas politics marks a significant shift, coinciding with Governor Abbott’s prioritization of school vouchers in his legislative agenda.

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Despite calling four special sessions to pass a bill for taxpayer-funded private school education, Abbott has faced opposition from rural Republicans, impeding the bill’s progress. In addition to his support for Abbott, Yass has also donated half a million dollars to the AFC Victory Fund, a political action committee that advocates for school vouchers.

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