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Texas Guy Charged with ATM Theft of Approximately $46k in Creve Coeur Thursday!


In the early hours of a Thursday morning in Creve Coeur, a meticulously planned ATM theft unfolded, leading to the arrest of a Texas man. Mylek M. Freeman, 23, from Missouri City, Texas, was charged with stealing over $25,000 and causing significant property damage to an ATM.

The heist, which netted almost $46,000, was executed with precision. Authorities were alerted to the crime at around 4:30 a.m. at the Enterprise Bank and Trust on Olive Boulevard. The Creve Coeur Police discovered a damaged ATM and a truck believed to be used in the theft.

A chain attached to the truck and the ATM facilitated the removal of the machine’s door, granting access to the cash. The total amount stolen was reported to be $45,929. Further investigation led the police to identify a Ford Expedition SUV as a second suspect vehicle, traced back to a rental from a Houston airport.

Texas Guy Charged with ATM Theft of Approximately $46k in Creve Coeur Thursday!

This vehicle’s GPS unit was instrumental in tracking it to a location in St. Louis. Surveillance indicated that two men abandoned the SUV in an alley and returned to a nearby house. The plot thickened when Freeman was seen leaving the house and entering an Uber. After a brief chase following the Uber’s stop by officers, Freeman was apprehended, with police recovering a suitcase containing $12,437 in cash from the vehicle.

The Uber driver revealed he was transporting Freeman to the airport. The case is still active, with indications of other individuals being involved. Authorities urge anyone with information to contact the Creve Coeur Police Department or STL Crime Stoppers​.

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