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Texas Lt Gov Alleges ‘Democratic Deep State Run by Obama’ Targeting Biden!


CNS NewsIn a recent Twitter post, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick stirred controversy by alleging the existence of a Democratic “deep state” orchestrated by former President Obama, purportedly aimed at sidelining President Biden from the upcoming fall elections.

Patrick’s claims revolve around suspicions that the Democratic establishment, led by Obama, is orchestrating a plot to remove Biden from the Democratic presidential nominee position. He asserted that Biden’s downfall would pave the way for Michelle Obama to become the presumptive nominee.

The Lieutenant Governor’s remarks were prompted by a recent special counsel report, which scrutinized Biden’s handling of classified documents. While the report did not result in any criminal charges, it cast doubt on Biden’s cognitive abilities, citing concerns about his age and memory. Patrick seized upon this, suggesting that the report was part of a broader conspiracy to undermine Biden’s candidacy.

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Critics have dismissed Patrick’s assertions as baseless conspiracy theories. However, they highlight growing divisions within the Democratic Party, with some acknowledging concerns about Biden’s performance. The controversy underscores the intense political climate surrounding the upcoming elections.

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